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Every Customer of MESCOM has a right to expect good service. Our endeavour is to provide you the best customer service.

consumers On our part we wish to open, transparent and responsive. But, we do need your active participation. A customer who asserts his rights and insists on good service will catalyse our effort. Do send your suggestions to us, make a complaint to the appropriate authority and get redressal within the time. Complain boldly on corruption and discourtesy. Help us to help you. Consumer Grievance / Feedback / Suggestions MESCOM has the privilege of lighting lakhs of homes, industries, farms and commercial establishments. We have a procedure for handling complaints from consumers. The consumer can also approach MESCOM in the event of failure or delay. In case your complaints are not attended to by the officials or proper redressal not provided, you are at liberty to approach the higher authorities mentioned in our contact directory. We assure you that your complaint will receive due and diligent attention and an early response.

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Electronic Clearing System (ECS)

Apply for electricity bill payments through Electronic Clearing System (ECS) scheme

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